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Automated Pipe Spool Welding Machines

M3 Pipe Spool Welder

GSI Machinery sells, installs and provides training for the all new M3 automated pipe spool welding machines. Produced in the USA, this stationary in-shop automated pipe welding solution provides pipe fabrication shops with a simple to use, cost-effective solution to achieve consistent high quality welds. The base unit is setup to perform TIG and Hot-Wire TIG welding processes. This machine is fully programmable and weld schedules can be saved in the unit. Vision cameras are available for real-time seam tracking to allow operators to make adjustments mid-weld. GSI chose this machine to offer to our customers because we believe it provides the most cost-effective, easy to operate welding solution with excellent local support being produced in the USA. Contact us today for a demonstration to see if this machine is the right for your production needs. 

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Automated Pipe Welding: About

M3 S-20


M3 Base Model

  • 3000 lb. positioner with pipe gripper

  • Height-elevating manipulator with cross slides with 12” stroke

  • PLC controlled with 15” touchscreen

  • 20’ welding cell length

  • 3 in. to 42 in. diameter capacity

M3 WL-03


M3 Welding Lathe for Small Pipe 

Maximum distance between headstock and tailstock is 24”

• 283 lb. Positioner Weight (128.5 kg) • 665 lb-in rated positioner capacity

• Maximum part OD of 10” (254 mm)

• Precision servomotor with encoder for control and feedback of headstock rotation

• Tailstock includes pneumatic cylinder with adjustable pressure regulator for clamping parts to be welded

• Standard Weld Chuck with thru hole

• Sliding 16” x 16” weld screen • Adjustable leveling feet

Purge Master

Weldind Droid - Purgemaster.jpeg

Save up to 90% Gas

Save up to 90% gas consumption by utilizing our patented PurgeMaster. By magnetically tracking the ID and OD of the workpiece, it is no longer necessary to purge the entire workpiece before welding.

Automated Pipe Welding: Our Products

Why Automate?

Automated pipe welding offers several significant benefits. Firstly, it improves welding quality and consistency by minimizing human error, resulting in fewer defects and higher structural integrity. Secondly, it enhances productivity by reducing welding time and labor costs, as machines can work continuously without fatigue. Additionally, automated systems are highly efficient, as they can operate in challenging environments and tight spaces, increasing accessibility and safety for welders. Furthermore, they provide precise control over welding parameters, ensuring the adherence to strict quality standards. Overall, automated pipe welding improves weld quality, efficiency, and safety, making it a valuable solution in industries like construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Automated Pipe Welding: Pro Gallery


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