Automated Pipe Welding Machines

WeldingDroid Pipe Spool Welder

GSI is the exclusive representative for WeldingDroid in the Gulf region. We are proud to offer this innovative automated pipe spool welding machine to our pipe fabrication customers. While this machine does not seek to re-invent the GTAW welding process, it does bring a proprietary weld schedule generation software to the table that enables welders to quickly auto-generate complex pipe welding schedules. This makes the WeldingDroid incredibly simple to learn, operate and teach others. Unlike other automated welding systems on the market today, the WeldingDroid software is easy and intuitive so you don't need to spend weeks in training to understand how to use it. This machine can perform TIG, MIG and hot-wire TIG welding processes, document successful weld schedules for later use and features a unique camera viewing system. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about the future of pipe spool welding.

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WeldingDroid's Base Model

The X1 automated pipe spool welding machine can perform TIG, MIG and Hot-Wire TIG welding procedures. The base model is designed for 4" - 32" OD pipe cut can be fitted to accomodate virtually any pipe size.


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WeldingDroid for Small Bore Pipe & Tube Applications

The MiniDroid is a small workshop version of the X1. Created for pharma, food & dairy and semi-conductor fabrication projects among others, this machine boasts all the same features you get with the X1 base model packaged and sized for smaller tube and pipe work.

Purge Master

Weldind Droid - Purgemaster.jpeg

Save up to 90% Gas

Save up to 90% gas consumption by utilizing our patented PurgeMaster. By magnetically tracking the ID and OD of the workpiece, it is no longer necessary to purge the entire workpiece before welding.



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