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Split Frame Clamshells

For Cold Cutting, Beveling & Counterboring Pipe

For decades, ESCO Tool has manufactured rugged, reliable and simple to operate tube and pipe fabrication equipment known to the industry as MILLHOG®. Years of working closely with end-users, has led us to develop our own line of split frame machines that hold true to our name. The all new COHOG® split frame eliminates the complication associated with traditional OD mounted tube and pipe fabrication machines while setting a new standard for lasting performance.
At the core of the COHOG® is its uniquely built frame. The stationary ring is machined out of 7075 aluminum alloy, the strongest aluminum obtainable, and hard coated for maximum strength and durability. A full complement of precision-tuned eccentric bearings fully support the rotating ring which is machined from a custom steel forging, heat-treated and nickel-plated for long-lasting corrosion and wear resistance. Self-squaring clamp legs quickly align and secure the machine to the pipe making it rigid enough to part and bevel heavy wall pipe, in one operation, without vibration or chatter. COHOGs feature indexable tool slides and trip mechanisms that use a marked locating system to precisely align and quickly attach without shims or guesswork. A variety of blade modules easily attach to the tool slides and can hold conventional high-speed tool steel blades or cutting inserts. Most cutting inserts have multiple cutting edges, are simple to replace, and provide more cuts per blade at a lower cost.

Split frame clamshell
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CoHog Clamshell Features

New features include modular tool slides, indexed tripper assemblies, wide mounting feet for easy squaring and a lightweight yet rigid 7075 aluminum rotating ring. 

Split frame clamshell

Indexed Trip Assembly 

Trip mechanism features a marked, pin location system that matches all tool slides making set up fast and simple. Brackets keeps hands away from all moving parts.

Modular Tool Slides

The COHOG modular tooling design makes it fast and easy to change setups for parting to beveling. Tool slides are fixed with a pre-set gib plate that virtually eliminates side-to-side movement in the carriage for consistent chatter-free operation. Bevel modules bolt directly on to tool slides and use double-sided TiN coated inserts to get more preps for your money.

Split frame clamshell
Split frame clamshell

Drive Options

Powerful pneumatic Modec motors, hydraulic drives and electric Eibenstock motor options are available and can be mounted in different orientations depending on radial clearance requirements on site.

Heavy-Duty Tool Slides

Tool slides are virtually maintenance free and require no adjustments. A variety of sizes are available for space restricted applications.

Split frame clamshell machine
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