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Fabrication Machinery 

GSI Machinery offers innovative industrial fabrication machinery solutions to meet your shop fabrication needs and budget. We offer new and used machine options for CNC plasma cutting, CNC fiber laser cutting, CNC machine tools, CNC press brakes and ironworkers. Our selected OEM brands are serviced and supported in the USA with American hubs for fast parts availability and local after-sales service and support. GSI stands behind every piece of equipment we sell, offering our customers steadfast after-sales support. 

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New Fabarication Machines

New fabrication machinery to support your fabrication goals. 

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Used Fabrication Machines

Browse our inventory of used machinery. 

Our Brands

Why are Fiber Lasers Replacing Waterjets and Plasmas?

Fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly replacing waterjet and plasma cutting machines due to their superior efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Fiber lasers offer significantly faster cutting speeds than waterjet and plasma systems, resulting in reduced production time and lower operating costs. Their precise and accurate cutting capabilities minimize material wastage and post-processing requirements, while also delivering clean, smooth edges without the need for secondary finishing. Moreover, fiber lasers are more environmentally friendly, as they consume less energy and produce minimal waste compared to waterjet and plasma cutters, which require water and generate significant heat and emissions. These advantages, along with their versatility in cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses, make fiber laser cutting machines the preferred choice for modern industrial applications, driving the shift away from waterjet and plasma cutting technologies.


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