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Descaling Chemicals

Descaling Chemicals for Boilers, Chillers & Heat Exchangers

Delta Products Group provides biodegradable liquid descaler products that safely dissolve all water scale, lime, rust and other water-formed deposits. With our individualized approach, we help you restore equipment and systems efficiently, economically and safely. We provide descaling products alone or coupled with full service maintenance consulting services, staff training, as well as pumping systems for boilers, condensers, heat exchangers and any water-operated equipment.
Whether you are looking to lower head pressures, reduce power consumption, extend equipment life or increase water flow and function, our eco-friendly and safe-to-handle formulas can be customized for your commercial cleaning application. As the first supplier allowed to bring our descalers onboard the US Navy nuclear submarines, we know they are safe for your industry and equipment as well.

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Chemical Descaling Products

Delta chemicals offers a wide range of industrial descaling products for applications in industrial boilers, commercial boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, radiators and waterfeed piping amother others. These products work well with our range of tube cleaning tools from Elliott Tool Technologies to clean even the toughest of scale and deposits from tubes so that your plant or institutino can run at maximum efficiency. 

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Industrial Descaler 

Delta’s 888 DESCALE dissolves calcium carbonate scale and rust deposits from water-operated systems. Our product is uniquely formulated to remove all stubborn fouling deposits down to the bare metal. USDA certified for cleaning in food production facilities as well as suitable for hospitals. This product works great on condensers, chillers, piping systems, cooling towers, heat exchangers or any type of water-fouled equipment.
As an integral part of your preventive or predictive maintenance plan, descaling your equipment with 888 DESCALE will increase energy efficiency as well as dissolve the stubborn calcium, scale, lime and rust deposits that can foul your system and cause shutdowns and downtime. Fouling that is not completely dissolved is normally ‘un-glued’ and successfully flushed from systems.

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Building Systems Descaler

For buildings with central heating and cooling systems, shared water systems and condenser water loops, DeltaKLEAN is specially formulated for commercial water systems.
Whether you are an operations manager or maintenance manager looking to cut costs, plan out a capital equipment budget or increase your equipment’s efficiency, we recommend implementing a preventative maintenance plan with routine descaling of equipment using DeltaKLEAN. The results will astound you! By removing the limescale formations, you are allowing the system to work more efficiently and prolonging the equipment’s life. If equipment lasts longer, capital funds can be freed for other uses.
Delta offers rental and purchase of pumping systems designed to make the cleaning process seamless. With different pumps for different applications, Delta Products Group has systematized the process of cleaning your equipment and bringing it back to its original operating efficiency.



Closed-Loop Descaler

Closed-loop systems are susceptible to corrosion, low pH and other scaling deposits of minerals and particulate matter. When glycol is added to the system, the need to be proactive in your maintenance regime is escalated. A regular descaling process as part of your preventative maintenance plan will maintain your system’s efficiency and avoid costly repairs and replacements.
Delta’s GlyKLEAN is specially formulated to handle closed-loop glycol systems or chillers.

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Safe D Scale PLUS

Extra Strength Descaler

If your chemical cleaning project requires a heavy duty cleaning, Safe D Scale PLUS is the perfect product to help you get the job done in less time, more efficiently and safely. This descaler is one of our strongest industrial descaler formulas and can be used for the heaviest duty cleaning projects.
Strong enough to dissolve concrete and safe enough to put in your hand!
Before you buy new mechanical equipment, try cleaning it with Safe D Scale PLUS and watch the results on its operating efficiency. The perfect cleaning product for plant maintenance shutdown cleanings or during operation workarounds.
Delta’s extra strength descaler, Safe D Scale PLUS is perfect for the most heavily scaled equipment and will not harm copper, plastic, iron, steel, rubber or lead. Perfect for cleaning heavily scaled boilers, cement trucks, towers and cooling systems.

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ScaleOUT Cleaner

Closed-Loop System

When setting up a closed-loop system, unconditioned water going into the loop might cause corrosion and low pH due to the presence of dissolved oxygen or carbon dioxide, microbiological growth or deposits of minerals and particulate matter. To keep a closed-loop system, we recommend a small amount of ScaleOUT to condition the water in the system and avoid internal corrosion and scaling issues.
ScaleOUT can remain in the system until you do a full system shutdown and clean out. Depending on the level of scale and corrosion in the system, we would recommend a different descaling product to circulate and clean out before putting the system back into operation.

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2 in 1 Universal Descaler & Presoak

SDS+RTD was formulated to include two products in one to combat the toughest jobs. SDS+RTD descaler removes scale and other non-soluble sediments from hard-to-clean equipment and systems. While the PS8000 Pre-Soak agent works to loosen deposits in both heat transfer systems and cooling towers of water-operated systems, it then sets up the system to push the heavy duty descaling product to work at its best.
Delta Products offers several a customized descaler pumping systems to aid in the process of descaling your equipment. Available for rent or purchase, our pumping systems are ideally designed for cleaning with Delta’s descaling products.

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