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Pipe Fit-Up Tools

QF Innovations Hybrid Pipe Clamps

These innovative new hybrid pipe alignment clamps are changing the way pipe fitters tackle their most challenging fit-up jobs. Combining many tools into one lightweight, easy to carry, easy to setup, fit-up and alignment tool. These new pipe alignment clamps make simple work of what used to require several fitters.

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Pipe Fitup Tool
Pipe Fitup Tool
Pipe Fitup Tools
Pipe Fitup Tools

Magnetic Drill Bases

QF is turning a traditionally single application device, into a multipurpose Hybrid Solution.

Splitframe Clamshell Alignement Tool

The CHL-1 is designed to assist in vertical clamshell setup for proper pipe alignment and leveling to the tool. This tool is also available with a magnetic base to allow for even quicker alignment in tight spaces.

Working Range: Base Unit (up tp) 24" larger sizes can be adjusted for by adding foot pads.

QFII Hybrid 120 Pipe Clamps

The QFII-Hybrid 120 pipe fit-up tool is useful for controlling pipe high-low and push-pull to allow for quick and accurate pipe alignment for welding. It can pull pipes together with 7,000 lbs of force and control for high-low alignment. This innovative tool accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes and fittings all in one tool, allowing it to be easily portable on the job site.

QFIII Hybrid Pipe Clamps

This easy-to-use innovative pipe alignment clamp allows pipe fitters and welders to accurately and quickly control pipe high-low and push-pull alignment. Set an accurate weld gap with ease on small bore pipe with this tool including elbows and flanges.

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