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Tube Expanders

Tube expanders for installing tubes in heat exchangers, boilers and chillers

Boiler Tube Expanders

In September 1892, an inventor and manufacturer named Gustav Wiedeke began a small manufacturing business in a modest building at the rear of his Dayton, Ohio home. Today, over 100 years later, Wiedeke Dayton has become Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd. due to Mr. Wiedeke’s efforts.
The Wiedeke business continued to operate as a family enterprise for the next 32 years. By this time, Wiedeke products had earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in the industries they served. Wiedeke tools were innovative enough to be covered by various patents and trademarks.
In 1916, William Elliott also recognized the need and opportunity in the industry for efficient tube cleaning equipment. Operating plants in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the company went through several company name iterations (Lagonda Springfield and Elliott Springfield) and eventually became known as the Elliott Company. By the late 1960’s, Elliott Company also enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its cleaning and turbomachinery products. And in 1969, acquired the Gustav Wiedeke Company.
Today we are a private company known as Elliott Tool Technologies. Boasting self-directed work teams, exceptional customer service, and a continued commitment to producing tube tools Gustav Wiedeke and William Swan Elliott would be proud of.
Elliott Tool Technologies is proud to represent 125 years of manufacturing, sales, and engineering experience.

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Tube Expanders from Elliott Tool

GSI is the proud manufacture representative for Elliott Tool Technologies in the Gulf Coast Region. We offer rentals, sales, training, expert advise and 24/7 emergency tool delivery services for your most critical re-tube projects. Contact us today and lets get to work finding the right tube rolling solutions for your next project.

Boiler Tube Expanders

Condenser Tube Expanders

For Heat Exchanger Tube Rolling

Elliott’s 24 Series Condenser Expanders are ideal for expanding tubes in chillers, heat exchangers, feedwater heaters, fin fan coolers, and surface condensers.

  • Tube Size: 0.500" to 2.000" (12.7 - 50.8mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Straight

  • Application: Chiller, heat exchanger, feedwater heater, fin fan cooler, and surface condenser.

  • Click here for spec sheet

Boiler Tube Expanders

Flared Boiler Tube Expanders

For Boiler Tube Flare Rolling

Elliott’s 900 Series Flaring Boiler Expanders are self-feeding, specifically made for use in superheaters in watertube boilers or evaporator tubes. In only one operation, these expanders roll tubes parallel and flare projecting tube ends at 15 degrees from the tool center line.

  • Tube Size: 0.620” to 1.500” (15.4 – 38.1mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Flaring

  • Application: Superheaters, watertube boilers, and evaporator tubes.

  • Click here for spec sheet

Boiler Tuber Expanders

Single Roll Beading Expadners

For Combo Rolling Boiler Tubes

Elliott’s 4480 Series Single Roll Beading Expanders expand the tube into the tube sheet while forming a bead at the end of the tube required in Firetube boiler applications.

  • Tube Size: 2.000” to 3.000” (50.8 – 76.2mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Roll Beading

  • Application: Firetube Boiler

  • Click here for spec sheet

Tube Expanders: Our Products
Boiler Tube Expanders

Straight Roll Boiler Expanders

For Rolling Boiler Tubes

Elliott’s 40 Series Straight Boiler Expanders are recommended for re-rolling leaky tube joints in Firetube boilers. Self-feeding, these expanders should primarily be used by hand.

  • Tube Size: 2.000” to 3.000” (50.8 – 76.2mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Straight

  • Application: Firetube Boiler

  • Click here for spec sheet

Boiler Tube Expanders

Deep Roll Boiler Expanders

For Boiler Tube Rolling

Elliott’s DRE Series Deep Roll Boiler Expanders are used for deep and hard rolling of steam and mud drums found in high-pressure boilers.

  • Tube Size: 1.750” to 4.000” (44.5 – 101.6mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Straight

  • Application: Steam & Mud Drums and Watertube Boiler

  • Click here for spec sheets

Boiler Tube Expanders

Parallel Pin Expanders

For Assisted Tube Rolling Systems

Elliott's PX24 Series offer true parallel pin tube expansion, which can reduce the stress created on welded tube joints when compared to tapered rolling.

  • Tube Size: 0.750″ to 1.000″ (19.05 – 25.4mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Parallel Pin Condenser Expander

  • Application: Chillers, heat exchangers, feedwater heaters, fin fan coolers, and surface condensers.

  • Click here for spec sheets

Tube Expanders: Our Products
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Contact us 24/7 for rentals, demos, training programs, expert support and emergency tool deliveries.

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