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Orbital Welding Power Supplies

GSI Machinery offers rentals, sales, training and repairs for orbital welding power supplies. Whether you are new to orbital welding or just looking for a better rental and service partner, we are committed to supporting your most critical projects with 24/7 support and machine availability. Don't head into your next project without a rental partner that truly cares about your success. We are here to support your growth with training, rental, sales and expert advice along the way. 

Available Power Supplies


Need Help?

Are you new to orbital welding or do you have a unique application that you need help with? Reach out to our experts today and get help finding the right machine setup for your application. We also provide training and rentals to help you get started. 

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Why Orbital Welding?

Orbital welding is a highly advanced and automated welding technique that offers several compelling benefits. One of the primary advantages is its exceptional precision and repeatability. By utilizing computer-controlled systems and precisely programmed welding parameters, orbital welding consistently produces high-quality, defect-free welds, reducing the likelihood of human error. This results in superior weld integrity, making it an ideal choice for critical applications in industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor manufacturing. Additionally, orbital welding enhances efficiency and productivity as it can work continuously without fatigue, providing a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Its ability to work in confined spaces and on complex geometries further extends its versatility, ensuring it remains a valuable tool for achieving consistent and high-quality welds across various industries.

What Do I Need for Orbital Welding?

In order to have success with orbital welding you will need these basic things:

  • A way to cleanly cut the tube or pipe you want to weld

  • A way to weld prep (beveling or facing) the ends of the workpieces 

  • An orbital welding power supply (this is specific to application and weld requirements) 

  • An orbital welding head (this is specific to the application and location of the welds) 

  • A way to purge the tube or pipe with your welding gas 

  • Training for the new operators of the orbital welding machines

GSI Machinery is a turnkey equipment and training provider for everything needed to successfully implement orbital welding into your next project. Reach out today to get started. 

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