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MILLHOG Pipe Bevelers

GSI is the exclusive manufacture-representative for Esco MILLHOG pipe end-prep machines in the Gulf. These durable machines are used for cold beveling, facing and counterboring pipe of various sizes, materials and wall-thicknesses both in the shop and out in the field. Whether you are a field service contractor performing pipe fabrication in the field or a high-production pipe fabrication facility, these tools are a must-have for achieving consistent, machine-quality weld preparation.

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Pipe Beveling End-Prep Machines

Building off of the reliability of the Millhog boiler tube beveling product line, the Millhog line of pipe end prep machines are the perfect solution for achieving fast machine-quality bevels and counterbores on various OD sizes and wall thicknesses. 


1.25" ID - 6.625" OD

The Mini MILLHOG is a ruggedly built beveling machine with a spur gear drive train and bevels all tube and pipe alloys to 6.625” O.D. It’s combination of rpm and torque also make it ideal for tube stub removal and tube overlay and cladding removal.All clamping components including the draw rod are heat treated and provide the strength to rigidly secure the tool on the inside diameter of the tube or pipe. The EscoLock cutter blade holding system securely holds the cutters in the tool post and helps reduce chatter and produce a clean, continuous chip on most pipe and tube alloys without cutting fluids. Easy to operate and maintain, this tool delivers huge performance in a small package and is available with either a pneumatic or electric motor.

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1.575" ID - 8.625" OD

The Prepzilla MILLHOG is smooth, quiet and powerful. It is highly desired for its ability to bevel difficult pipe alloys like super duplex and P-91 quickly and efficiently. Ruggedly designed for years of trouble free service, the Prepzilla is built with dual opposed tapered roller bearings, heat treated and hardened clamping, cutting and operational components. It can bevel pipe at any angle without cutting fluid for fast fit-up and enables precise pipe joint welds.

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3.75" ID - 14" OD

Designed to bevel all schedules of pipe from 3.75" (95.3mm) I.D. to 14.0" (355.6mm) O.D., the Commander MILLHOG Model C-314 features a clamping system that spreads the contact points of the clamps radially inside the pipe. This minimizes vibration for chatter-free end preps on both thin and heavy wall pipe. To assure stable, smooth rotation of the cutterhead, this rugged tool employs dual opposed tapered roller bearings. Powerful and versatile, torque at the cutter blade for the Commander is achieved with a choice of three motor options suited to fit your application. Like all MILLHOG tools, the Commander MILLHOG is simple to operate and rugedly designed for years of trouble free service.

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Pipe Bevelers: Our Products


4.5" ID - 18" OD

The Dictator MILLHOG pipe tool performs any degree of bevel on pipe up to 18" schedule 160 without cutting fluid while assuring maximum cutter blade life. It has wide self-centering clamps that produce a superior clamping force for chatter-free bevels on all types of highly alloyed pipe. Simple to operate and maintain, the Dictator features a choice of three motor options: pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic. They can be easily switched with a simple hex wrench. The tool's robust spur gear drive train and dual opposed tapered roller bearing system are made of premium steel, heat treated, hardened and designed for trouble free service.

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4.5" ID - 24" OD

The Dictator II MILLHOG performs any degree of bevel on pipe from 4.5" (114.3mm) I.D. to 24" (609.6") O.D. up to 2.0" (50.8") wall, without cutting fluids while assuring maximum cutter blade life. It has wide self-centering clamps that produce a superior clamping force for chatter-free bevels on all types of highly alloyed pipe. As an expansion to the original Dictator, the Dictator II uses a wedge and actuator combined with an expanded cutterhead to cover its large range. In addition to the enlarged cutting and clamping hardware, the Dictator II kit comes with our patented Safety Spring Hanger, a multi-position goose-neck hoist, and a powder-coated stand for easy maneuverability and storage.

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8.75" ID - 36" OD

The Terminator MILLHOG is a ruggedly constructed precision pipe beveling machine for performing weld joint bevels at any angle on pipe ends up to 36". Built with state of the art materials that are precision machined, heat treated and hardened, the Terminator is designed to provide years of trouble free service on the toughest applications. The included Safety Spring Hanger permits the Terminator to be safely and easily aligned and secured square to the pipe.

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Pipe Bevelers: Our Products


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