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Orbital Cutting & Facing

GSI Machinery offers rentals, sales, training and repairs for orbital cutting & facing machines for tube and pipe. Whether you are new to orbital welding or just looking for a better rental and service partner, we are committed to supporting your most critical projects with 24/7 support and machine availability. Don't head into your next project without a rental partner that truly cares about your success. We are here to support your growth with training, rental, sales and expert advice along the way. 

Available Orbital Saws & Facing Tools


Why Buy Tube Facing Tools? 

Tube end preparation is a critical component of the orbital welding process, with its significance deeply rooted in the pursuit of precision and quality. Properly prepared tube ends are the cornerstone of consistent, high-quality welds, particularly in industries where exacting standards are non-negotiable. Effective end preparation ensures that the tube ends are precisely aligned, beveled, and clean, eliminating potential impediments to the welding process. This meticulous preparation is essential for achieving welds that are free from defects, such as porosity or inclusions, which can compromise structural integrity and reliability. Ultimately, tube end preparation sets the stage for the orbital welding system to execute its task with precision and reliability, making it an indispensable factor in the quest for excellence in orbital welding.

Why Axxair Saws?

Axxair orbital cutting saws represent a significant advancement in precision cutting technology, catering to industries where accuracy and consistency are paramount. These cutting-edge machines are designed to make clean, precise cuts on tubes and pipes, ensuring optimal fit and finish for subsequent welding or assembly processes. Axxair's orbital cutting saws are known for their versatility, as they can handle a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to exotic alloys, making them suitable for various industrial applications. With their automation and advanced control features, these cutting saws minimize human error and produce highly accurate cuts, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of the cutting process. Axxair's commitment to precision and performance has positioned their orbital cutting saws as indispensable tools for industries striving for excellence in tube and pipe cutting operations.

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