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Orbital Welding Weld Heads

GSI Machinery offers rentals, sales, training and repairs for orbital welding weld heads. Whether you are new to orbital welding or just looking for a better rental and service partner, we are committed to supporting your most critical projects with 24/7 support and machine availability. Don't head into your next project without a rental partner that truly cares about your success. We are here to support your growth with training, rental, sales and expert advice along the way. 

Available Weld Heads

Closed Head vs Open Head Orbital Welding Weld Heads

Which One Do I Need? 

Closed head and open head orbital welding heads differ in their design and welding process. Closed head orbital welding heads enclose both the welding electrode and the workpiece within a sealed chamber, isolating the welding environment from external factors like atmosphere and contamination. This design ensures a controlled atmosphere, reducing the risk of defects and enabling precise, consistent welds, making them ideal for applications with stringent quality requirements. In contrast, open head orbital welding heads feature an open design where the electrode is exposed to the environment, requiring the use of inert gas shielding to protect the weld from atmospheric contaminants. While open head systems are versatile and more accessible for larger workpieces, closed head systems excel in applications demanding the highest levels of weld purity and precision, such as aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

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