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Orbital Welding: Microfit Welding Heads from Axxair

GSI Machinery sells, rents and services orbital welding equipment from Axxair and Magnatech. Within the Axxair product line, microfit weld heads are used for welding small diameter tubes. These small tubes are seen across many industries including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and even some oil and gas applications. We wanted to write a brief comparison of the microfit orbital weld heads from Axxair.

Introducing the New SAMX-25 Microfit Orbital Weld Head

We'll start with the newest addition to the microfit orbital weld head family from Axxiar, the SAMX-25 weld head. This weld head has been long awaited and really broadens the Axxair microfit weld head product offering by offering a water-cooled weld head for small diameter tubing.

The SAMX-25 orbital welding head can fusion TIG weld tubes from 1/4" to 1" OD. This weld head can weld many materials which can be accurately welded with full penetration using adjusted weld schedules and gas mixtures. The SAMX-25 features a detachable cassette-style clamping system, allowing the operator to set the weld head up in tight or awkward spaces. This orbtial weld head is also grease free so it is acceptable for clean room standards which are often needed for small diameter tube welding. The SAMX-25 has many different collet configurations to accommodate fittings and tight spaces. Below are pictures of the dimensions for the SAMX-25 orbital weld head.

The Ultra Microfit Orbital Welding Head: SAMX-17

The SAMX-17 is Axxair's solution for very tiny diameter tubes from 1/8" - 5/8". In order to achieve the smallest profile and accommodate these small tube sizes, Axxair designed this head as an air-cooled weld head. Similar to the SAMX-25 weld head, the SAMX-17 also uses a cassette style clamping system allowing the operator to mount the weld head in tight or awkward spaces.

Since the cassette style weld head distributes pressure evenly around the circumference of the tube there is no risk that this orbital weld head will deform the tubing when clamping. Like the SAMX-25 this weld head is also grease-free so it is suitable for clean room and sanitary welding applications. Below are some measurements detailing the dimensions of the weld head.

If you want to learn more about our microfit orbital welding heads from Axxair, reach out to GSI Machinery to discuss your application, learn more, see demonstrations, obtain rental equipment, sales and support 24/7!


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